Call in your order for a refill or come by the drive thru. We are locally owned and operated pharmacy so we’ll remember your face! We were established with the vision to provide members of the community and patients with an enjoyable and agreeable pharmacy experience.

As a small business we thrive on keeping in “In the county!” so we do anything possible to give back to the communities we love to serve.


Just call 709-629-1001 and speak to one of our team and give us your prescription numbers (found on your medication bottle) and your personal information, including your insurance coverage (found on your insurance card). All of this information doesn’t require that you come in.  You can just read it to us  and we can then, call your pharmacy TODAY.  We will transfer all your prescriptions, or call your doctor and get new ones. We usually have it ready within THAT business day.  However, if we don’t have it stock,  in most cases, we will have it in the NEXT business day. If you can’t wait, then we have a great working relationship with other local pharmacies and we will find it for you! We have you covered at CALHOUN PRESCRIPTIONS. 

If you’re located inside of the Calhoun, GA city limits, we can deliver your refill or prescription for free. If you live out a little farther, we can still deliver for a small fee.